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Save our Nation Jan. 22nd, 2007 @ 01:05 pm
12 months ago, I was at Planet Shakers, asking God to use me, to help save the youth of our nation. A year later, and God has given me an opportunity to Inspire Australia's Youth. Last night's sermon was amazing, talking about asking God BIG. We don't need to wait for our small prayers to be answered, before we ask for something big. We asked God for the nations youth, and he's giving it to us! I look back 4 weeks, and am amazed that it was really only about 4 weeks ago that I was holidaying, with no real prospects for this year. Now I've finished a week of intensive training, and am starting my last week of fun training, before I start visiting schools all over the east coast of Australia, to present a positive message to our youth.

Anyway, I don't get much of a chance to check my emails, or go on the net, and I'm not worried a bit. Although when talking to my family the other day, it was mentioned that I hadn't updated and people had started to worry.

We found out our teams today, and I'm with Clancy, which is awesome because we have so much in common, and work well as a team. Nether of us have a TV, both enjoy reading, and have the same taste in Music. Most of the past week, we have been doing stuff together, and we went to one of his mate's church last night, which was amazing! I've not seen so many young people at a church service before! Something I love about being a Christian, is no matter where you go, we have a church family!

Anyway, if your trying to get in contact with me, I'm free most afternoon's, and you can call ether of my telstra numbers. I will get messages sent to my virgin phone as well, just not as often. Emails will be probably once a week, and on weekends I'll probably give people 10 minute phone calls when I have cheap time.

God Bless All!


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Arrived Jan. 16th, 2007 @ 12:49 pm
Safe and having heaps of fun!! What could be better than a team of Christian males!!

More to come later. Hope the weather isn't that bad. God Bless.

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Signing Off Jan. 13th, 2007 @ 09:17 pm
Well, fair well to you all. I am now signing off, and leaving this computer for a long time. Of course, this blog will still be updated when I get a chance, and I may get to talk to people on the odd occasion, but in general, my normal actives performed from this computer, are signing out for an extended period of time.

Bye! See you in Brisbane!

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Leaving Home Pattern Jan. 13th, 2007 @ 01:25 pm
There seems to be a pattern developing in my family. The year we turn 20, but while we are still 19, we move out of home. Now, in the true sense of moving out, I'm not moving out. But it seems to be, that when ever one of the whites is 19, going on 20, we pack up our stuff, clean out our rooms, and leave home. Now "home" will still be my home, my permanent place of residence, but for the next 11-12 months I won't be staying here very often! And nether of my sisters have moved out and never come back to stay. Both of them have stayed when they have been sick, and they are constantly over here! I expect them to be over more often now that Katherine has moved south of the river, and we really are in between the 2 houses. Although I think for baby sitting, Katherine's house may become the location as it's close to uni.

So, I'm 19, I'll be 20 later this year, and my bags are packed, my room is "cleaned out" (my stuff is reduce to a small area, so the rest of the room can be used), and tomorrow I fly to Brisbane to start my "adventure"!! And my room while I'm away? The cot will be in here, so it'll be the "nursery" and spare room. My desk in the family room is now Rosy's, and my computer is hiding in a corner underneath the desk in my room. My bandwidth? We've reduce the internet down to just 10Gb a month, and my older sister has been told she can using the peering allowance when she is here. My hard drive space? STILL MINE! Although on the server, I've cleaned up, and I'll be opening up 40Gb for my older sister to dump stuff on, as her laptop hard drive is really small.

So, as you can see, I'm off in less than 24 hours! SO EXCITED!!

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More Coding - Duplicate File NAMES Jan. 12th, 2007 @ 09:30 pm
Recently the request came up on the plug list, for a method of finding duplicate file names in directories. This wasn't a request for duplicate files, just names that clashed, in preparation for merging the directories. (If you want to find exactly duplicate files, regardless of name, then `fdupes` is the tool for you).

After some thinking, and working out some minor niggles, I came up with the following solution.

find |sed -r 's/.*\/(.*)/\0 \1/'|sort -k 2|uniq --all-repeated=separate -f 1| sed 's/[^ ]*$//'

Of course, things like the sort and uniq functions can be tweaked to "loosen" up what is defined as a match. For example, the below addition of -f to the sort function and -i to uniq, will do a case insensitive match.

find |sed -r 's/.*\/(.*)/\0 \1/'|sort -f -k 2|uniq -i --all-repeated=separate -f 1| sed 's/[^ ]*$//'

The only thing that hasn't been done, is handling of spaces. If the path or filename contains spaces, it could cause problems. You could do something strange like a tr command to translate all spaces to a character (or sequence of characters) that you know no filename would contain, and then change it back at the end. For a quick check though, it should do the job just fine!

Edit: I have solved the space's problem... For example, the case insensitive version becomes:

find| sed 's/\ /:::/g' |sed -r 's/.*\/(.*)/\0 \1/'|sort -i -k 2|uniq -i --all-repeated=separate -f 1| sed 's/[^ ]*$//' | sed 's/:::/\ /g'

As long as your file/directory names don't contain `:::` your fine! If they do, then you just have to change the `:::` in the sed functions, to something else uniq. For me, `:::` doesn't occur, but a single `:` does.

Keywords: Duplicate File Names

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Other entries
» 500W Subwoofer & Amp FOR SALE $200
Maybe you can tell when someone is leaving and not planning on coming back anytime soon?

If your interested, I'm selling a BOSS amp and Sound Storm Sub. Paid $270 back in 05, asking for about $200 ONO. Have receipts still.


* 400 Watt (RMS 120 Watt)
* 2 channel's (Bridgeable to 1)


* 12" Subwoofer in Box
* 500 Watt max (250 continuous)

Includes 1 meter of speaker cabling between the sub and amp.

Buzz me if your interested, and I'll give you my family's contact details unless I'm still in Perth!

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» Poor Customer Service
I've had enough, I've given them enough chances, so now I'll do what anyone who has experianced poor customer service does. Tell 10 friends, except in this case, I'll tell anyone who wants to know!

Simply, don't purchase anything from Synchro computers. (I won't even let them have a URL hit via search engines, hence a "nofollow" on that link.)

So lets break things down, so you understand why I say this.

Firstly, over the last 2 months, I have made 4 efforts to contact them to resolve this issue, and have still not had a response from them. First, a phone call, which I was promised a return call, then an email, then a written letter, and last another phone call.

April 2005

Purchased an ASUS A8V-E Deluxe

October 2005

motherboard, as it was failing to boot. Advised that it would need
to be sent to Asus for replacement/repairs under warranty.

As I needed a computer for work, I
bought another Socket 939 motherboard.

January 2006

No reply
from Synchro or Asus.

Started calling Synchro - took
multiple calls before motherboard could be located.

February 2006

Advised motherboard was ready
to collect

I was unable to test it after
collection, having no spare systems at the time

November 2006

building new system with the board.

Discovered that returned board was my original and boot failure
problem still existed.

Appears that board had not been

21st November 2006

Synchro. Was advised that the warranty was no longer valid on the
board as it was a 1 year warranty (purchased as part of a bare bone

Asus advised that there is a 3 year warranty on this item, and that
it should be returned to Synchro for repair or replacement.

staff told me that I would get a phone call from the manager after they had
contacted Asus. I also emailed them on the same day.

20th December 2006

Sent letter to Synchro manager (detailing above)

9th January 2007

Called Synchro again, informed manager would be away for the rest of week, left contact details again.

To date, I have had no reply to
ether my phone call, email or my letter.

So to me, it's rather simple. They may have good prices, and in general good customer service, but if they can't resolve a simple issue like this, (other than the initial suspicion that it's their fault the board was never repaired), then they should be avoided. They will no longer have my business, or any of my relatives. I'm still stuck with a $120~$150 dead motherboard, which I can't use or sell. I'm out of pocket $150 having had to purchase another motherboard.

What gets to me the most, was that I purchased a S939 processor from them, as well as other parts, specifically for this "replaced" motherboard, and then discovered the board was still dead, so instead of being able to get the really nice socket AM2 CPU (which is cheaper and better), future proofing the board, I had to locate ANOTHER S939 board, because I now had a spare CPU! Had I known the board was dead, I would have purchased AM2 board and processor, future proofing my new server. GRRR

So take my advice, avoid Synchro. I've never had problems at any of the other shops I've gone to. I strongly recommend Trinix, PLE, and Nintek.

Keywords: Synchro Negative Comments Feedback Review avoid bad customer service poor sucks

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» Goign Down
Ok, so tonight, supposedly at midnight, yep, as the year turns over, our Internet should theoretically stop working... Tonight is the termination of our Westnet connection, and the work order goes in on the 2nd, for the connection to an Amnet DSLAM. 12M/1M, static IP, here we come! :-D

See you on the other side!

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» Programming Mode
I must really be switched onto programming mode atm!

* Fuel Price RRD: A Round Robin Database doing data collection, and graphing of fuel prices, which looks decent, and pretty!
Go easy on that link, it's on my ADSL connection
* Random Quotes RSS Feed: A RSS feed that produces 5 random quotes each time it's accessed. Rather decent, specifically made for Tasha for her new blog on Wordpress.com.
* CTorrent Backend: A bit of "glue" as unix ppl would say. Basically, I've been looking around for a new bittorrent client, that doesn't use python/java or another interpreted language, and can run headless. Something I also want is a web interface for it, so I can manage it away from home! Well now I have most of that!
The main part is Enhanced CTorrent and CTorrent Control Server. This gave me a `C` bittorrent client, and a web interface. What it was missing was an easy way to automatically start ctorrent for new torrents, move files from a downloading to completed directory, and manage seeding. Some glue later, and I now have all of that! I'm still not 100% finished, but it's working, and I've easily transferred all my currently seeding torrents over just by stopping one client, and waiting! When it's finished, I'll even have a completed torrents section, so I know what `.torrent` files I can delete, and what data I can move (i.e. off system).
As I will need to be able to use this remotely, without shell access, I'm even working on some more simple glue to allow me to even download torrents remotely (remembering that to download a torrent requires authentication with the tracker), and have them start automagically as well!

I've also done a lot of scripting, and automation of computers around the house, considering that in 17 days I should be starting my new job in Brisbane! The general idea is that my computer will no longer be out in the Family room, instead it'll be in the corner of my room, with it's new fans and dust filters, humming along able to recover by it's self, from anything, which includes bittorrent (something until now it hasn't been able to do). New backup procedures are in place (along with the rearrangement of hard drives), and changes to the Linux mirrors have occurred (in line with the changes to WAIX traffic coming into effect on the 1st of Jan). I've as much as possible tried to make sure nothing major will need to be done while I'm away, and hope Dad can manage the small things! Worst case, I always have my trust SSH!

If you are interested in any of the projects I have mentioned, I'm probably more than happy to realise the source code if asked nicely. Of course, one reason I wait to be asked, is that way I don't have to clean things up, and make it generic, unless needed :P
But DO ask, and I will most happily work something out!

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» New Job - Motivational Media
My new Employer, Motivational Media. Finally, something that I will enjoy, that my skills will help with, and that is doing something good for the Youth of our nation!

From what I can see, this organisation isn't just confined to Australia, and is active in America as well. I think what excites me most about this whole job, is the prospect of working with very expensive equipment, to create an amazing presentation, to hopefully impact our Youth. I also look forward to time on the road away from home, new people, new places, new experiences!

The basic run down of my new job: To travel around to schools setting up a multimedia rig, for showing a "motivational" video. The video changes I think every year, and is aimed for today's generation, using footage and music from recent movies and artists that today's generation are watching and listening to. Bringing a positive message of hope, to a confused generation! I'll be based in Brisbane, and travelling throughout the country, so don't expect to be able to get in contact with me, or that I'll be able to attend events. I'm already missing a wedding I was looking forward to for ages! But it's what I've been looking for, a "mission" that uses my skills that I have, and that reaches some of those people I most want to reach, our hurting teenagers, our future generations!

When I get more detailed information, I'll let you know. I will most likely be flying out on the 14th of January, so fair well! Hopefully I'll catch up with most of you before I leave! (And keep your eyes out for "bursts" of photos while I'm away)

To quote a few Australian organisations...

They produce high quality multimedia presentations designed to impact the thinking of youth in our schools.

Each year Motivational Media presents a topic that challenges young people to examine their direction in life and re think the way they conduct life. The topics address issues that confront youth on a daily basis like healthy friendships, drugs, relationships, alcohol abuse, peer pressure and life goals.
The programs are loud and visually impacting.

The message is carried through the creative use of contemporary video clips, the latest music, probing questions and comment from famous sporting and entertainment personalities.

Motivational Media presentations do more than challenge young people to think. They offer the opportunity to consolidate the message presented through educational recourse material, which is provided in the total resource package. These resources can be easily and effectively incorporated into the educational requirements of the curriculum.

Motivational Media educates and motivates youth to stake a stand against destructive life styles and make a choices which lead to successful living.

A dynamic educational and entertainment program that challenges and inspires students about attitudes and life

Deals with many social issues and challenges messages about peer pressure and the influence of media and advertising on young attitudes

40 minute presentation uses over $60,000 worth of audio-vidual equipment. This equipment includes a mixing desk and amplifier, a CD player, 2 x 400w speakers, 3 synchronised DVD players and 3 data projectors. The presentation is shown on three screens each approximately 4.5m wide by 4m tall.

### References
* [Motivational Media](http://motivationalmedia.org.au/)
* [Youth For Christ](http://www.yfc.org.au/programs/multimedia_momedia.htm)
* [Christian Family Center](http://www.cfc.asn.au/exodus/motmedia.htm)

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