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Another Update

Spent another $50 on my guitar. That was for new strings, bag, and a service! Now it sounds amazing, looks hot, and I'm in love!! Turns out Tasha has an Ashton as well, although her's is a classical guitar. Still, it sounds good, and she has some awesome music!

Church today was interesting. Made me really really miss home for once. It was an unusual mix of contemporary, with traditional. I think what struck me most, was the option of dipping the bread, or taking a cup, for drinking the grapejuice (no wine). Awesome music, and once again, Potters Hand, which I've heard at different churchs through the last few weeks, which has been really nice!

Been an interesting weekend, for a number of reasons. I think for the first time, I'm really missing "home" for some reason, maybe it's just been a hard week.

Btw, I've no intention of dieing anytime soon, but seeing as it was discussed today (in light of a funeral this week), I figure I'll make it easy and have it written down (seeing as I'm yet to write a will)!!. THERE WILL BE NO BLACK PERMITTED AT MY FUNERAL. I want as much colour as possible, lots of loud awesome worship, and as much thanksgiving as possible. Sure, mourn for me, but my funeral will be a time of rejoicing, of thanking the Lord for my life, and lots of colour. Vibrant colours, streamers, confetti, anything with colour, make it like the biggest party you can think of!! Anyway, it's written down, and if your looking for some songs, check the back of my bible. But you shouldn't have to worry about that, cause I have no intention of dieing anytime soon, unless it's the Rapture :D

Anyway, we are leaving in hopefully 40 minutes, after Tasha finishes with Clancy's hair. I know the last few weeks I've not talked to a lot of you, so feel free to email/sms/call me for a catch up! I am a little behind in my laptop savings, but hopefully I'll still get it in April. Some people have asked what I'm getting, it'll be a Compaq Presario in the V3000 range, probably 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, dual core AMD64, built in wireless and bluetooth, and DVD dual layer burner. Wireless internet may follow a few weeks later.

If you're looking for some good guitar chords for Chrisitan worship music, check out the following link!

Take Care

God Bless

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