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Weekend Update!

What a weekend so far!! 8 hours of driving today, 4 hours yesterday, and it's "Home Sweet Home" again, in Brisbane.

Left Sydney yesterday around lunch, and arrive in Taree (to be specific, in Tinonee) around 4:30. Finally got to met my good friend Tasha-Joy, and the rest of her family, as well as her Photographer Mum who's photos are amazing! I even got to meet some of the frogs who model in the photos! We went to their youth group, and other than JJ (Tasha's bro) going to hospital due to a concussion (from the previous day), it was heaps of fun, and a good evening.

Best of all, was staying up till 3am in the morning, talking with Clancy and Tasha. I think Clancy and I both miss just chatting with girl friends, so the 3 of us talked till 3am! Of course, for some reason we woke up around 7, and we all went down to the beach. (Btw, your Dad isn't cool until he's the first one down at the beach, waiting to surf in the morning!).

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