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Not using LJ anymore May. 11th, 2007 @ 08:12 am
Finally, the day has come. Actually, it has come and gone awhile back. I am no longer double posting things I post in my blog, to LJ as well. Sorry guys, I don't like LJ. BUT, i'm not leaving you out in the cold... Add the syndicated feed of my blog, to your friends list, and you'll still get to read my stuff. Just don't comment on the syndicated feed, cause I won't ever see the comments!


God Bless


Big Update Mar. 28th, 2007 @ 03:44 pm
Ok, so I'm right now in Canberra, staying with the Thomas', writing this on my lovely new laptop!! This week, is looking GOOD!

Firstly, on monday night, we tried burning down the F1 laundry, there was an electrical fault while our clothers where in the washing machine and dryer!! We were upstairs playing playstation, when the fire alarm went off briefly. After a quick check, we stayed where we were, cause the alarm had stopped. When it went off the second time, I made the comment that I hoped it wasn't our clothes burning!! 1/2 hour later when I went to check them, I opened the laundry door to a room full of smoke!! Nice black soot everywhere, black marks up the wall, and where the powerpoint was, melted plastic and some melted power leads!!

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Another Update Mar. 18th, 2007 @ 11:25 am
Spent another $50 on my guitar. That was for new strings, bag, and a service! Now it sounds amazing, looks hot, and I'm in love!! Turns out Tasha has an Ashton as well, although her's is a classical guitar. Still, it sounds good, and she has some awesome music!

Church today was interesting. Made me really really miss home for once. It was an unusual mix of contemporary, with traditional. I think what struck me most, was the option of dipping the bread, or taking a cup, for drinking the grapejuice (no wine). Awesome music, and once again, Potters Hand, which I've heard at different churchs through the last few weeks, which has been really nice!

Been an interesting weekend, for a number of reasons. I think for the first time, I'm really missing "home" for some reason, maybe it's just been a hard week.

Btw, I've no intention of dieing anytime soon, but seeing as it was discussed today (in light of a funeral this week), I figure I'll make it easy and have it written down (seeing as I'm yet to write a will)!!. THERE WILL BE NO BLACK PERMITTED AT MY FUNERAL. I want as much colour as possible, lots of loud awesome worship, and as much thanksgiving as possible. Sure, mourn for me, but my funeral will be a time of rejoicing, of thanking the Lord for my life, and lots of colour. Vibrant colours, streamers, confetti, anything with colour, make it like the biggest party you can think of!! Anyway, it's written down, and if your looking for some songs, check the back of my bible. But you shouldn't have to worry about that, cause I have no intention of dieing anytime soon, unless it's the Rapture :D

Anyway, we are leaving in hopefully 40 minutes, after Tasha finishes with Clancy's hair. I know the last few weeks I've not talked to a lot of you, so feel free to email/sms/call me for a catch up! I am a little behind in my laptop savings, but hopefully I'll still get it in April. Some people have asked what I'm getting, it'll be a Compaq Presario in the V3000 range, probably 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, dual core AMD64, built in wireless and bluetooth, and DVD dual layer burner. Wireless internet may follow a few weeks later.

If you're looking for some good guitar chords for Chrisitan worship music, check out the following link! http://www.praisetown.com/songs.html

Take Care

God Bless

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Goals Mar. 9th, 2007 @ 04:24 pm
So this was what I was meaning to write about last night, before the lightning storm killed the computers!!

Refer back to <http://weirdo.bur.st/index.php/2006/01/15/long-term-dreams-and-goals/>

Like I do every now and then, I review my goals, set myself some shorter term ones, etc etc.

So, while it was last year that I was hoping to work away from home for a year, and that didn't happen, this year that did happen! So finally my "I need to get out of Perth, and this place, for a while" actually came to pass! Just when I was really settling down at KAC though, but God's timing is exactly that, His timing, not ours!

Saving up for a car is still a goal, probably going to be more on track this year, as I'm finding it easier to save. Firstly though, I think the laptop will be bought, to aid my communications with friends and family!

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Money Money Money & Goals Mar. 8th, 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Ok, having not got any debts, this week I spent a little more money than normal, including taking some out of my laptop savings!! But, I think it was worth it, purchasing things I wanted.

Firstly, don't but Nashi MP3/4 players, they suck SUCK SUCK! Firstly, it would randomly turn off, then the Flash memory died. Took it back, got a refund, and ended up buying a Creative Zen Neeon 2, which ROCKS! Grab some photos of my computer and flickr, and now I finally can show ppl my Nieces, some family members, etc etc!!

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Other entries
» Weekend Update!
What a weekend so far!! 8 hours of driving today, 4 hours yesterday, and it's "Home Sweet Home" again, in Brisbane.

Left Sydney yesterday around lunch, and arrive in Taree (to be specific, in Tinonee) around 4:30. Finally got to met my good friend Tasha-Joy, and the rest of her family, as well as her Photographer Mum who's photos are amazing! I even got to meet some of the frogs who model in the photos! We went to their youth group, and other than JJ (Tasha's bro) going to hospital due to a concussion (from the previous day), it was heaps of fun, and a good evening.

Best of all, was staying up till 3am in the morning, talking with Clancy and Tasha. I think Clancy and I both miss just chatting with girl friends, so the 3 of us talked till 3am! Of course, for some reason we woke up around 7, and we all went down to the beach. (Btw, your Dad isn't cool until he's the first one down at the beach, waiting to surf in the morning!).

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» Update
Well, I've finally got myself online at a real internet kiosk!! Finally got upto date with my emails, spam, and other things. I may still get some photos online, but am still tired, so might not.

I'm heading back towards Brisbane this weekend, stopping in Taree tomorrow night (Yay!! Finally get to see Tasha!) and then in Brisbane Saturday. Worst case, Saturday night I'll upload photos.

Last weekend I went to Circular Quays, and saw the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not much has changed since I last came in Year 4!!! That was a tiring day, doing lots of walking as the trains weren't running properly for maintenance. Oh, and got to see Vice President person speeding past, holding up traffic (yes, the bridge was closed for him to cross!!)

Seen a lot of fog this week, nothing like in Perth, this is THICK fog that stays for hours!! Also been to a beach, with the stuff they try to pass of as sand over here, which to Clancy and Me, is gravel!!

I also am now using Bean Counter for my phone, and one of my telstra phone's isn't even getting used now!! (I am giving telstra as little money as possible this year). I've decieded not to get a new phone, instead I'll save up for a laptop, and probably get a wireless broadband card for it, at $50 a month with 1Gb traffic. That should be enough photos and emails.

Went to Hillsong on Sunday, which was good, but makes me miss KAC more! I'll be going to Carl's church on Sunday again, which is really nice and "familiar"!

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» Really quick update
Stupid internet kiosks. (Netkiosk). Sure, I can do some of what I need, but other sites just don't work!! Grrr

Anyway, in Sydney atm, traffic is a nightmare at the best of times. Last night the QE2 came in, and the QM2 left. Grid lock across the city! Luckily Clancy and I were playing Zone3 instead!!! I rock at that, coming first out of 17 by a long shot!! Somebody asked if I was a professional, because I made their life so difficult when they tried to capture our base!!

Still not sure if I get a phone or laptop, for now I'm just saving my money, as my phone does the job for now, it's just a matter of working out the cheapest way to get my emails on the move. Seems my smartphone I want probably won't go on the 3G or Next G networks, and seeing as I want to be future proofed, I will need more time to think. I also don't want to be on a wireless internet plan with a minimum monthly spend of $50.

I've changed my virgin phone over to the Bean Counter, so I get cheaper calls now. The only way to get a better call rate is with a cap, and minimum monthly spend of $49. I'll see how it goes, as my min monthly spend if $16 on the bean counter, and so far, while I've gone through a lot of credit, I think it's the best option to minimise my phone bill.

Anyway, unless I find some real internet access, Ciao!

God Bless

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» More Updates
What an eventful week!!

Up in Hervey Bay Sunday night, for a school in Maryborough Monday morning. Nice day, early finish, so went into Hervey Bay to the beaches and to catch a movie... Except the diff on the van blew. So lots of fun getting the van towed, gear unloaded, and doing the school in Hervey Bay tuesday, AND trying to get down to Gatton tuesday night. Ewan brought the ute and a trailer up from Brisbane, and we got to Gatton to stay with Clancy's family.

His old school was a pretty good show, except it was rather crammed. Stayed in Gatton wednesday night, and finally got to see Dejavu which is awesome!

A nice pleasent drive back to Brisbane Thursday morning, was quickly forgotten with an unpleasently hard setup, at a poorly organised school. In the end, we had to leave some blackout up in the Chapel because they had a funeral on at 4, and by 3 the last session hadn't finished because they had started late, so we cut it short, then had 1 hour to completly pack up and be out of there. Which was fine until it was discovered that maintenance had taken back the ladder which was needed to get to the top of the large windows, and they closed at 3 so we couldn't get it back. They had also missed the first session due to poor organisation. In the end the office reinvoiced them for a much larger amount!!

Finally to top Thursday's unpleasent school off, we got into Coolum beach to discover most Motels closed at 6 or 7, and anything that looked even remotely open had no vacencys! Finally we found a place that was open, and had a vacancy, even though it was above the price we wanted. Didn't accept Amex, and Clancy's wallet was in the ute (we got the van back that morning), so it had to go on my personal visa card.

Today was good though. Good night's sleep, then a nice easy setup, and they gave us lunch! 5 sessions which went by fairly quickly, bit hot but other than that, it was fine! Went down to the beach after we finished, and did some rock climbing. Some really nice cliff's around there! Finally headed back to Brisbane after a nice relaxing afternoon.

I must thank a certain girl for sending me a sms at the start of the week with 2 verses. One of those verses has helped me through all the troubles this week has thrown my way, and really helped me have a peaceful time through the troubled times. Oh, and thanks for everyone who was praying, the van that wasn't supposed to be ready until Friday, was picked up wednesday arvo, and we got it Thursday morning!! Because we have a new diff, we swapped a week with the other group so we stay in Brisbane so we can get it serviced and run the diff in, which means a sleep in tomorrow, cause we don't have to head down to NSW!!

When I get a chance, I'll start uploading awesome photos!! That's enough for now, feel free to email me, I look forward to them!

God Bless!

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» Boo
Another quick update.

Started looking into a laptop with wireless net, or a new Next G phone. The phone would cost about $800 outright, plus about $50 a month, and while I would get email, it would still be very limited access. The laptop would cost upto $1200 outright, but I can get one for about $800, although the wireless net would add upto $300 on top of that, then about $50 a month for the access. The problem is, for $50 a month, I only get maybe 200mb downloads!!

Advantages of a phone, is I get $200 credit per month, to use on both data and voice, which makes calling work that bit easier when I need to. Advantage of laptop is I can post photos, blog, bank, etc etc with out any problems!

Let me know what you think I should get, and why. As much as I would like a Linux phone, I want to be on the Next G (aka new CDMA) network. Of course if you can find me a better deal on a normal 3G network, I'm open to hear it.

Basically, what I need to be able to do, is access email (Gmail), banking, and Jabber chat. A bonus would be photos. Oh, and SSH home, almost a must :P

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