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Well, I've finally got myself online at a real internet kiosk!! Finally got upto date with my emails, spam, and other things. I may still get some photos online, but am still tired, so might not.

I'm heading back towards Brisbane this weekend, stopping in Taree tomorrow night (Yay!! Finally get to see Tasha!) and then in Brisbane Saturday. Worst case, Saturday night I'll upload photos.

Last weekend I went to Circular Quays, and saw the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not much has changed since I last came in Year 4!!! That was a tiring day, doing lots of walking as the trains weren't running properly for maintenance. Oh, and got to see Vice President person speeding past, holding up traffic (yes, the bridge was closed for him to cross!!)

Seen a lot of fog this week, nothing like in Perth, this is THICK fog that stays for hours!! Also been to a beach, with the stuff they try to pass of as sand over here, which to Clancy and Me, is gravel!!

I also am now using Bean Counter for my phone, and one of my telstra phone's isn't even getting used now!! (I am giving telstra as little money as possible this year). I've decieded not to get a new phone, instead I'll save up for a laptop, and probably get a wireless broadband card for it, at $50 a month with 1Gb traffic. That should be enough photos and emails.

Went to Hillsong on Sunday, which was good, but makes me miss KAC more! I'll be going to Carl's church on Sunday again, which is really nice and "familiar"!

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