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Really quick update

Stupid internet kiosks. (Netkiosk). Sure, I can do some of what I need, but other sites just don't work!! Grrr

Anyway, in Sydney atm, traffic is a nightmare at the best of times. Last night the QE2 came in, and the QM2 left. Grid lock across the city! Luckily Clancy and I were playing Zone3 instead!!! I rock at that, coming first out of 17 by a long shot!! Somebody asked if I was a professional, because I made their life so difficult when they tried to capture our base!!

Still not sure if I get a phone or laptop, for now I'm just saving my money, as my phone does the job for now, it's just a matter of working out the cheapest way to get my emails on the move. Seems my smartphone I want probably won't go on the 3G or Next G networks, and seeing as I want to be future proofed, I will need more time to think. I also don't want to be on a wireless internet plan with a minimum monthly spend of $50.

I've changed my virgin phone over to the Bean Counter, so I get cheaper calls now. The only way to get a better call rate is with a cap, and minimum monthly spend of $49. I'll see how it goes, as my min monthly spend if $16 on the bean counter, and so far, while I've gone through a lot of credit, I think it's the best option to minimise my phone bill.

Anyway, unless I find some real internet access, Ciao!

God Bless

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