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What an eventful week!!

Up in Hervey Bay Sunday night, for a school in Maryborough Monday morning. Nice day, early finish, so went into Hervey Bay to the beaches and to catch a movie... Except the diff on the van blew. So lots of fun getting the van towed, gear unloaded, and doing the school in Hervey Bay tuesday, AND trying to get down to Gatton tuesday night. Ewan brought the ute and a trailer up from Brisbane, and we got to Gatton to stay with Clancy's family.

His old school was a pretty good show, except it was rather crammed. Stayed in Gatton wednesday night, and finally got to see Dejavu which is awesome!

A nice pleasent drive back to Brisbane Thursday morning, was quickly forgotten with an unpleasently hard setup, at a poorly organised school. In the end, we had to leave some blackout up in the Chapel because they had a funeral on at 4, and by 3 the last session hadn't finished because they had started late, so we cut it short, then had 1 hour to completly pack up and be out of there. Which was fine until it was discovered that maintenance had taken back the ladder which was needed to get to the top of the large windows, and they closed at 3 so we couldn't get it back. They had also missed the first session due to poor organisation. In the end the office reinvoiced them for a much larger amount!!

Finally to top Thursday's unpleasent school off, we got into Coolum beach to discover most Motels closed at 6 or 7, and anything that looked even remotely open had no vacencys! Finally we found a place that was open, and had a vacancy, even though it was above the price we wanted. Didn't accept Amex, and Clancy's wallet was in the ute (we got the van back that morning), so it had to go on my personal visa card.

Today was good though. Good night's sleep, then a nice easy setup, and they gave us lunch! 5 sessions which went by fairly quickly, bit hot but other than that, it was fine! Went down to the beach after we finished, and did some rock climbing. Some really nice cliff's around there! Finally headed back to Brisbane after a nice relaxing afternoon.

I must thank a certain girl for sending me a sms at the start of the week with 2 verses. One of those verses has helped me through all the troubles this week has thrown my way, and really helped me have a peaceful time through the troubled times. Oh, and thanks for everyone who was praying, the van that wasn't supposed to be ready until Friday, was picked up wednesday arvo, and we got it Thursday morning!! Because we have a new diff, we swapped a week with the other group so we stay in Brisbane so we can get it serviced and run the diff in, which means a sleep in tomorrow, cause we don't have to head down to NSW!!

When I get a chance, I'll start uploading awesome photos!! That's enough for now, feel free to email me, I look forward to them!

God Bless!

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