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Another quick update.

Started looking into a laptop with wireless net, or a new Next G phone. The phone would cost about $800 outright, plus about $50 a month, and while I would get email, it would still be very limited access. The laptop would cost upto $1200 outright, but I can get one for about $800, although the wireless net would add upto $300 on top of that, then about $50 a month for the access. The problem is, for $50 a month, I only get maybe 200mb downloads!!

Advantages of a phone, is I get $200 credit per month, to use on both data and voice, which makes calling work that bit easier when I need to. Advantage of laptop is I can post photos, blog, bank, etc etc with out any problems!

Let me know what you think I should get, and why. As much as I would like a Linux phone, I want to be on the Next G (aka new CDMA) network. Of course if you can find me a better deal on a normal 3G network, I'm open to hear it.

Basically, what I need to be able to do, is access email (Gmail), banking, and Jabber chat. A bonus would be photos. Oh, and SSH home, almost a must :P

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